2014: Year in Review

This past year I set out to actually take the leap and launch a business. I was pretty hard set on taking action as much as possible. It all started late in 2013 and I followed through on most everything I set out in my mind for 2014. I fully surpassed my expectations. This next year I want to be more transparent and open about my goals. Both for accountability and to give back to the internet entrepreneur community.

Goals completed for 2014:

  • Devise a plan to complete a production and deployed Ruby on Rails application
  • Launch service based local business with major web presence
  • 0 to over 85 paying customers within 8 months
  • 0 to over $40,000 gross sales within 8 months
  • Devise an overall vision for the next 5 years

Goals for 2015:

  • Launch How We Maid It e-book and community (May 2015)
  • Build another local service company in the carpet cleaning niche (March 2015)
  • And an additional local service company in the window cleaning niche (June 2015)
  • Develop a national branded subscription company (November 2015)
  • Create a passive income niche site for an industry listed above
  • Continue to develop RoR skillset and automate server administration
  • Develop a web application for taking and recieving calls and voicemails (maybe SaaS?)
  • Blog more about entrepreneurship, internet marketing, and RoR; what works, what doesn't

What are your goals for 2015? What large projects did you work on and surprise yourself at what you could accomplish by taking action?