Part One: Creating a niche site that generates passive income

I secured a domain about a week ago for a planned passive income website I'm going to launch and attempt to rank in Google in a relatively short amount of time through quality content creation. I've started the process of setting up the website this evening. To expedite the process it will be a simple WordPress site for now. I haven't used WordPress for quite some time, so I am sure there will be a little learning curve to get things just how I want them.

As of now, the plan is to slowly build the content for the site. I know almost nothing of the industry that this site serves. As such, I will have to emerse myself in the industry and do alot of research and content creation. This site will assist me in understanding the trade for another business venture in a similar space I'm planning to complete in March of this year; spring time at the latest.

  • Web hosting purchased
  • Domain is propagating to new nameservers
  • WordPress site is setup
  • Theme chosen and installed
  • Plugins installed

The overall costs of this project so far are below:

  1. Domain from Namecheap on special: $5.06
  2. Website hosting from Bluehost, a very affordable hosting option: $71.43
    3. Theme: Free
  3. Theme: $59.95

Total Project Cost: ($136.44)
Time Spent: 1 hour