The beginning of my entrepreneurship life

The beginning of my entrepreneurship life

The dust is settling from leaving the daily cubicle grind and moving temporarily 350 miles across the state. The overall plan to be financially independent has been playing out as designed. I haven't felt so free in my life over the last few days.

I still feel i'll be smacked in the face with reality shortly, when I realize I'm not on an extended vacation. I wonder how long this will take. It is a weird feeling knowing I don't have to be anywhere at any specific time. I report to nobody but my customers and myself. Once I get to the point of realizing this is what life will be from now on, I think I'll hit the ground hard marketing, selling, and building another business.

For the time being, with the move to Hawaii, and the departing of my previous employer, I have a few business ideas bouncing around in my head:

  1. Going to Fedex Kinkos to fax documents sucks, I have to print, sign and date, then drive to Fedex and still pay per page; let alone deal with a stupid counter person. (And the current online fax services look too fake and illegitamate.) I will investigate this market further, I've already identified an API to use to build a possible software product. This could make a request easier for a business or person. Will investigate adding ability to sign documents on the front end.

  2. Shipping/moving to Hawaii is crap. I can imagine it's similar when shipping to and from any port. Getting quotes to move based on containers and weight isn't transparent. With the current state of the shipping industry having too much inventory of empty containers, there has to be a needed business here. Getting unused container inventory to those who need storage, shipping, or building material should be easy! There isn't an easy way to ship small amounts of belongings, say under 1,000 pounds. Why can't there be a way to share a container port to port?

I'll let these ideas stew for a bit. In the mean time, more moving to do!