Ball is rolling.

It's hard to believe it's been over a month since my last update. I've been hard at work finishing up some small furniture refinishing projects to keep my mind busy.

Over the past four weeks alot of progress has been made in regards to the business. Finished up additional web development necessary the Hawaii business. The bare-bones feature set is there, once the customer base is built out additional web development can be completed to support expansion.

Marketing campaigns have been pushed, I'm doing a test run of direct mail and will scale at a later date with USPS EDDM. The initial test run was of 500 letters, hand folded, labeled, and stamped. Yes, that cost about $250. To date gross sales surpassed the amount of postage invested from these efforts. I've been tracking this through a coupon offer and can see what campaign each coupon is associated to and how many redemptions. This should prove to be advantageous in making decisions in the future.

Facebook and AdWords campaigns are running and seeing a small amount of traffic. Can only attribute 1 possible job to a Facebook ad, not 100% certain.

Overall, this week is heating up as far as sales go and it's not making for a bad start at all. I'm optomistic about the future of this company.

Until next time.