The concept of building a multi-faceted marketplace isn't new. However, I'd like chronicle my journey from building this from absolutely nothing. Yep, I just recently ran rails new alohalawns. The idea is simple, these marketplaces exist already. This isn't complete rocket science. There are just alot of use-cases and components. One of the larger web applications I've got carved out in my mind.

The business will exist to serve those looking for lawn and landscape services.

The web application will have multiple entrance points, one being to oboard contractors and route them through an approval process for validation to access our job queue. The added benefit for contractors will be jobs that are recurring; allowing them to easily add additional work to their already existing business.

There will be a customer facing booking mechanism that will allow customers to place reservations for lawn and landscape work in our system. Our contractors will then have the chance to claim the booking and do the work and make a percentage. They will get paid within 48 hours of completion of the work performed via electronic transfer. The company will keep a percentage of the advertised price.

It's funny, I think back at my days doing landscaping work growing up. It's been exactly 10 years since I mowed a lawn commercially. And this has become my next venture.

I've spent about 18 hours doing frontend and content work and a non-functional website is live at the domain. You can visit Aloha Lawns to view progress. This series of posts is meant to keep me accountable.


  • I want a working prototype in 2 months.
  • The prototype should route a contractor through an electronic onboarding process
  • There should be minimal needs to meet actual contractors in person (or through Skype or other means)
  • Customers feedback should be considered against each contractor's health within the system
  • Each contractor can select specialty skillsets, require proof of work
  • Contractors should be able to custom bid on specialty work if customer requests on booking
  • Onboard contractors in July 2016
  • Begin completing customer work in July 2016

Aloha Lawns Concept