Aloha Lawns: Designing Contractor Onboarding

This is going to be a short and sweet update. I had some time to configure a multi-step form for contractor onboading today. It was designed with getting pertinent information from those looking to add additional work to their already existing businesses. It needs a bit more polishing, but, you can get the general idea of how it works from the animation below. I apologize for the flashing screen, my Chrome does that for some reason.

Contractor Onboarding

The functionality that this will help us develop later is that we can login to an administrative area and vet our applicants for contractors wanting work. If we approve them, they are emailed and can login and link a Stripe account for payments. With the data we collect here we can then lump contractors with specialities (skills) and assign the right people to the right work. Also, note we are collecting regional preferences so we can assign them to a service region and offer work in their area.

That is all for today.